The Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School’s MBA Course Resumes After the Summer Break

On 9 and 10 September 2023, the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School at ul. Nowogrodzka 47a, Warsaw, hosted another session as part of the MBA course “Banking and the Financial System” organized by the NBP Academy, the Nicolaus Copernicus Superior School and the Copernican Academy.

The first classes after the summer break were devoted to security and selected legal issues related to the operation of the banking system. The agenda included lectures on:

  • “Circulation of Information in the System, Bank Secrecy” – Part One, by Bernard Smykla.
  • “Circulation of Information in the System, Bank Secrecy” – Part Two, by Grzegorz Patuszko.
  • “NBP’s Role Within the Financial Security Network”, by Bernard Smykla.
  • “Key Functions of and the Legal Basis of Banking Activity”, by Piotr Szpunar.

The next series of classes has been scheduled for the weekend of 23-24 September 2023 and will cover “Financial Markets and Financial Instruments”.


Bernard Smykla, a licensed legal adviser, Deputy Head of the Legal Department of Narodowy Bank Polski. Author and co-author of numerous books on banking law. Lecturer in banking law.

Grzegorz Pastuszko, Associate Professor of Jurisprudence with the University of Rzeszów. He is the author of numerous papers, including chapters in two university textbooks and a co-author of a commentary on the Act on the State Tribunal. He specialises in constitutional law and systemic law, including comparative law.

Piotr J. Szpunar, Doctor of Economics. Executive director representing Poland, Bulgaria and Albania in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Dr. Szpunar has been working for Narodowy Bank Polski since 1995, holding expert and managerial positions in the areas of monetary policy and financial stability. He completed his doctoral studies at Warsaw School of Economics.

As a reminder…

The first sessions of the MBA course “Banking and the Financial System” were held in June. The seventy participants who commenced the course work in different branches of the economy, which points to a serious need among practitioners for education and development in banking and the financial system, specifically in the use of financial instruments.

Topics addressed during the June sessions:

  • Prof. Harold James – “Central Bank Independence: Principles and Challenges”.
  • Prof. Henryk Wnorowski – “Introduction to the Financial System”.
  • Dr. Aaron Mehrotra – “Fiscal Policy and its Interaction with Monetary Policy”.
  • Prof. Barry Eichengreen – “Sanctions, De-Dollarization, and the Future of the International Monetary and Financial System”.
  • David Marsh – “Financial, Monetary and Political Stability: Case Studies from the Bank of England Two Autumn Upsets  30 Years Apart : Black Wednesday 1992, the UK ‘mini-budget’ 2022 – a Comparative Analysis”.
  • Dr. Oleksiy Kryvtsov – “Monetary Policy and its Communication: High-Frequency Effects on Housing and Stock Markets”.
  • Dr. Stefan Ingves – “Some Governance Issues – How to run a Central Bank and Other Institutions”.
  • Prof. Fabio Ghironi – “Aggregate and Firm-Level Implications of Economic Sanctions, and the Consequences of Trade (Dis)Integration for Monetary Policy”.